Several friends have taken the challenge presented by A Holy Experience to make a list of 1000 things that they are thankful for. Since I need another challenge, I am joining the many that have already begun their lists. I plan to share my list with you. Make your list with us. Thankfuls can be anything, big or small, there is nothing that you can’t be thankful for. Share your Thankfuls with us or make it private. Just be thankful.

Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; Ephesians 5:20


1. To be Challenged

2. Motrin – I got strep throat this week

3. Hot tea

4. Walks on brisk mornings

5. Flowers


6. My cats, Grizzabella Rose and Busterpher Jones

7. That my sewing machine is home, it was in the shop getting fixed for 5 weeks.

8. Children that want to learn about Jesus.

9. My camera

10. Fresh eggs from my dad’s chickens


11. God’s answer to prayer (see God DID It page for more info)

12. Fingernails

13. Curly Hair

14. Socks

15. Compliments from my Nephew


16. God’s plan for a family is One Man and One Woman to be married and produce children

17. Sand (I think it is almost time to visit the beach)

18. Laughter


19. The simplicity and judgment found in God’s truth

20. Awesome thrift store finds

21. Friends of long ago times

22. The ability and opportunity to help some one complete a project

23. Bobby Pins

24. Siblings

25. Popsicle sticks

26. The color Brown


27. The delete button

28. Determination

29. penguin stickers

30. A pet’s love

31. Sunshine and wind


32. Maturity

33. Monsters on quilt fabric

34. Another Baby Quilt done and crossed off my list

35. Smoked salmon and cheddar cheese

36. Time with a girl friend

37. Oranges

38. Showers with HOT water

39. The ability to see, even if I need help

40. Long, flowing skirts


41. My section of the garage is clean and organized

42. A picnic is planned for a sunny Sunday (tomorrow)

43. Peace even though my life seems crazy

44. I have an interview set up for next week.

45. In cleaning up the garage I found more fabric for quilts that I can sell

46. Flowers

47. Sunshine

48. Subway sandwich, chips, cookies and Pepsi – Dinner

49. Prairie Home Companion

50. Being in my place with God

51. The support from my family

52. Plans for the Future

53. Bert’s Bees Chapstick

54. That I could pass on my dress up clothes from many years ago to the little girls next door

55. Elmer the Elephant


56. The opportunity to go on an interview

57. The way that light shines off of my cat’s fur

58. The greeting committee that my mom’s cat does their best to be

59. Thankfulness

60. Cold wind for it makes you appreciate the warmth

61. Apples and cheese

62. Being able to hear a recording of my Dad and sister sing from 38 years ago

63. the blue sky that peaks through dark clouds

64. Sharing of ideas

65. Finishing the blocks and finding that I have fabric for the borders of a baby quilt I am working on

2/18/11 – see My Gift List for more thoughts about 1000 Thankfuls

66. the expounding of my gratitude

67. crunch of apples

68. arrow of mouse on computer

69. quesedillas filled with cheese, chicken, and chopped bell pepper and onions

70. ice makers

71. coke fountain drink machines

72. rain trails on windows

73. body shivers

74. friends that reach out for a party

75. plans in the city

76. warm water to wash hands

77. paper towels that absorb water

78. indoor plumbing and stalls for privacy

79. spray of tires through puddles

80. a broken body gave for us

81. windshield wipers to clear the vision

82. the monotony of my job that I can do for God

83. the beauty of thankfulness

84. the health and life of the children in my family

85. lotion to smooth the creases of dry skin

86. wet gray sky

87. music in the rain

88. silhouette of bare trees

89. light on dashboard to tell me that it is time for an engine service

90. memories captured in a flash

91. the cleansing of a loss

92. the cat that has to be in the middle of things

93. the cat that climbs on the roof but doesn’t like to jump down

94. winning at cards

95. the silliness of jokes

96. ideas for birthday gifts

97. the big creamy cheese clumps on the 4 cheese pizza from Whole Foods

98. sharing Opera night on the radio even though I don’t like Opera

99. spontaneity of taking pictures in the rain

100. buds of flowers beginning to bloom


101. Laughter in praise

102. Wisps of color in gray morning sky

103. hot tea radiating heat

104. 5 min cat naps during break

105. reminder of the waves and sun

106. mouses with roll balls

107. tap of keys on keyboard

108. the relieving stretch of muscles

109. the pop of sweet and tart blueberries

110. clink of ice in a cup

111. brisk winter spring day

112. wishes for a good evening

113. kelly green jeeps

114. clouds reflecting with sunshine

115. mom remembered to dig up my purple plant, the promise of new beginnings

116. easy expense reports on Quicken

117. cats that like Q-Tips

118. black neighbor cat with white sox


119. the sunshine after quick hail storms

120. a night out with the Book Club ladies

121. cats that must be in the middle of everything

122. cool finds at consignment shops

123. time to meditate on looking for God in each moment

124. clothes are folded and put away after living a week in the clean laundry basket

125. thumbs up from a nephew

126. knowing who holds tomorrow

127. candles that smell yummy

128. prospects of being with the family

129. fiber and yarn and spinning wheels

130. curtains to look out upon the cold wet world from the warm dry inside

131. a quiet house


Even though I have neglected sharing, I have much to be thankful for…and while I can’t catch up completely let me share.

132. Happiness

133. Sunshine

134. my BST kids

135. baby boys

136. big glasses of ice tea

137. opportunities

138. small blessings

139. God is a good god

140. being surrounded by my cats when sleeping

141. lunch with friends

142. vintage pleated skirts

143. Starbucks internet

144. living by myself

145. that some secret helpers came and cleaned up my yard

146. my quilting machine is currently working well

147. checks in the mail

148. freshly trimmed hair

149. laundry mats – at my uncles

150. girls night out

151. that I still have a job (even though I don’t know how long it will last)

152. a high standard to look to for healing from the poison of the world


153. Isaiah 26

154. Blueberries

155. Quilt Customers

156. The quilting machine is working well

157. Thrift store skirts

158. Sister time

159. God’s unchanging hand

160. The Saints of God

161. Children