Have you ever had that time in your life when it seamed like everything that could go wrong, was wrong? When it feels like you just can’t make it through the day? When something catastrophic has happened? It could be that you found out that there is a test tomorrow that you haven’t studied for. Or your friend has been in a car accident. Or a relative is sick. Or you need some money to pay your bills. When life comes against you, what do you do? Are you so caught up in the turmoil that you can’t rest or even think straight? In times like these it is most important to know where or what your confidence is founded on.

In I John 5 verses 13-15 we are assured that we can place our confidence in God. We can count on him to bring us through whatever we have to face. It is a blessing to know that when we call upon God, he will hear and answer our prayer. Since we can be persuaded in this confidence in God, when we go to him in prayer about a situation, we are able to have a calm assurance and a peace that he will work everything out for good of all.

So when the next trial comes your way, you can either be the one that is running around frantic, “like a chicken with their head cut off” or you can be resting on God, having a sure and quiet confidence that he has everything under control.