An interesting analogy was brought to my attention today.

When one is thirsty while in the woods, mountains, or just out enjoying God’s beautiful creation where do they go to drink? There may be several options to get a drink of water; a large lake fed with the snow runoff, a stream that slowly trickles its way through the hills, a shallow stagnant pool, or a rushing river flowing over rocks coming up from a natural spring of water. While all of these are bodies of water and would wet the mouth, they are not all healthy. In fact, they would be recommended to not drink from them at all. But if there had to be a choice made, one would hopefully choose from the fresh spring of water to quench their thirst.

It is like this with the truth or salvation. There are many bodies of water or people that offer something to quench our thirst for God’s truth. There are huge congregations that know some truth, that bring the truth enough to keep the people but aren’t complete with it. There are others that might have had the truth at one time, but are all dried up and have become stagnant and stale. Still others that may be doing their best but have no knowledge of the truth. Then, there is God’s people, those that preach the truth about salvation and living free from sin. It is only after hearing the truth that the hunger or thirst for Christ can be quenched. In the account when Jesus meet the woman at the well, Jesus calls himself living water and those that drink it will never thirst again. (John 4:6-26) It is living water, a well springing up with in us that can fulfill all desires and satisfy all longings.

I am thankful that I was raised in the Church of God where the truth is brought on a regular basis. All that is presented is from God and can be backed by his word. It is a blessing to have known the truth. Knowing God’s word and plan has satisfied all that I have ever needed in my soul and life.

If you are searching for the truth, call upon God, and earnestly seek him. He will lead you to his people where the truth is preached.

If you aren’t searching for the truth or know that you need to, seek God, he will show you what you need to do to find him.

When we realize that we are thirsty God will be faithful to show us where that thirst can be completely quenched. Don’t settle for stale water full of filth and lies, keep searching for the pure clean living water that only God can provide.