Tonight I was asked what my mission statement is? What are my goals? What is my vision for my life? While I haven’t come up with a clear concise “statement” I will share what my thoughts on this has been.

When I die I want to be remembered for:

  1. Being a willing helper. I want them to say that I was always available and willing to help when ever the need arose.
  2. Encouraging. I want all that I do to be of edification and encouragement to those around me. I don’t want to be a hinderance or to cause contention.
  3. Being a Christian. But not just another religious person that put in their time, I want to live a life so that those around me can say that I truely followed Christ in all of my actions. That I lived what I believed.
  4. Being faithful. I want to be counted faithful, faithful in the work of God, faithful in my responsibilities in the home, at work, at school, faithful to always assist and help my friends and family, faithful to all that I can be apart of.

There are probably more things that I want to be remembered for, but these are the most important. I want those around me to look back and smile, knowing that my life was full of meaning and was a help to those around me.

As for ultimate goals, I want to make heaven my eternal home and bring as many along with me as possible.

In thinking about this I feel that it is important that we each know what we want from life, what we want to give and how we are going to accomplish these goals. What is your mission statement? Does it include God? Has he outlined what he wants you to do? In all of our planning, lets not forget him and give him allowance to take complete control over our lives.