This song was going through my head this morning. It made me stop and think, just to make sure that I could really say theses words. We have to every day make sure we are consecrated to God. It is an every day choice that we have to make.


Since Jesus gave His life for me, Should I not give Him mine?

 I’m consecrated, Lord, to Thee, I shall be wholly Thine.


Refrain: My life, O Lord, I give to Thee, My talents, time, and all;

I’ll serve Thee, Lord, Thine own to be, I’ll hear Thy faintest call.


I care not where my Lord directs, His purpose I’ll fulfill;

I know He everyone protects Who does His holy will.


Though He may call across the sea, With Jesus I will go;

And tell the lost of love so free, Till all His pow’r may know.


My home and friends are dear to me, Yet He is dearer still;

In my affections first He’ll be, And first His righteous will.


My all, O Lord, to Thee I’ll give, Accept it as Thine own;

For Thee alone I’ll ever live, My heart shall be Thy throne.

Mildred E. Howard, 1907