Being apart of the Body of Christ, we have many benefits as well as responsibilities. One of our “jobs” is to encourage and help one another.

In Isaiah 41 verses 6 and 7 it tells of a people that helped each other, not for their own gain, but for that of the one in need. We have the assurance of the hope that we share because of the promises that are offered to us. Not many scriptures after this, verse 9, God assures us that “[He has] chosen [us], and [will] not cast [us] away.” He tells us that we don’t need to be afraid or sad, that God is OUR God and will strengthen, help and uphold us. He will provide for us, answer questions, be a refuge and will keep us on the right path. He is the best friend we can have.

In our lives there are many uncertainties, different situations that we don’t know how to handle or which way they will turn out. This can be scary for us humans. But in this chapter alone, God tells us to “Fear Not” 3 times and 63 times in the Bible. This is something that God is adamant about, he wants us to fear not and trust in him to take care of each and every need that we have.

Because we have this promise to lean on, we can help, encourage, and strengthen each other.