Friday night’s lesson during our Fellowship Meeting was titled: Lord, I need a break thru.

 Jacob had a problem; he and his brother Esau were estranged. In this passage of scripture we find Jacob planning a trip to reconcile with his brother. Jacob was apprehensive about the meeting and needed a break thru. He is willing to pray, press, work, endeavor until the relationship improved. We have to be willing to do whatever it takes for us to break thru and receive the answer from God.

In Genesis 32, we see how Jacob fought with an Angel, he was not going to give up before he recieved the help and answer that he desired. 

 Just as Jacob, we sometimes are in a situation where we come against a wall, maybe it is an attitude, a preconceived idea, an opinion, a belief, someone else, another trial, or obstacle. We come to this wall and for us to be able to continue in this way, that wall needs to come down, we need a break thru.

Many times we understand the need for a change, we feel convicted even, but don’t work, press, pray or aren’t burdened enough to continue until we have a break thru. It is not enough to pray a prayer out of obligation or duty, we need to have a burden and pray out of earnest desire to reach the throne of God. As Jacob did, we too need to not stop seaking God until we have reached him.

 God knows how to reach us, to come to where we are, to bring us to the point where we want a break thru and will put in all the effort necessary to achieve it.

 Our burden needs to be; Lord I need a break thru, in my life, in my community, in the world.