Press the Battle On – Naylor and Warren

Forward, forward, is the battle cry,
Onward, onward, to our home on high;
We will conquer for the Lord or die,
The foe’s retreating, press the battle on.

Strengthened by the mighty pow’r of heaven,
We shall conquer, we shall conquer;
Till the raging foe afar is driven,
Press the battle on.

Forward, forward, never faint or fear,
Christ, our Captain, is forever near;
Be courageous, full of hope and cheer,
With full assurance press the battle on.

Forward, forward, put the foe to flight,
We are battling for the truth and right;
We shall triumph in Jehovah’s might,
Then do not falter, press the battle on.

Forward, forward, there’s a crown before,
See it shining on that heav’nly shore?
We shall wear it when the conflict’s o’er,
The prize is waiting, press the battle on.

It is only through the strength from heaven that we can carry on through this life. I am so thankful that we don’t have to rely on human strength. I know that I couldn’t live a life free from sin on my own. I don’t have the power to do that. But one of the benefits of salvation is the “mighty power of heaven” that daily strengthens us. And through that boosted strength we can be victorious in all situations. These trials that we face may not turn out exactly how we wanted or imagined, but we have the strength to go through it correctly with the right attitude and a clear testimony.

Remember as you face each day that you don’t have to face it alone, but that you have that mighty power of heaven backing your every step.