NOTE: Not to negate the fact that we use the Bible only to live by, we can use other publications as tools, to help us better understand different facets of our lives. In this study, we are using The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, which is based on Biblical principles to help give a greater understanding on effectively communicating love to one another.

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There is a time for everything. The Ecclesiastes writer explains this to us.

 Ecclesiastes 3:8  A time to love…

 The time to love, is NOW.

 Love Language #2 – Quality Time

 The one that understands love though the language of “Quality Time” desires more than just being in the same general space. They want to be together focused on something that is enjoyed with full attention. Dr. Chapman reiterates this, “A central aspect of quality time is togetherness. I do not mean proximity…Togetherness has to do with focused attention.” But on the other hand, quality time is not gazing into each there’s eyes for hours on end, it is doing or discussing something of importance.

 Like with all other languages, quality time has different dialects: quality conversation and quality activities.

 Quality conversation or “sympathetic dialog” focuses on drawing each other out and listening to what is being said with out interrupting or voicing your opinion, unless requested. It can be about ones day, or other topics that are of interest to you. But during the conversation, either partner can’t be doing something else, that would not be considered quality time. Our focus needs to be on one another and not other tasks at hand.

 Quality activities usually have a task involved that is enjoyed by one or both parties, but that is done in love. This dialect can be spoken through cleaning the car, taking a walk, or building a bookshelf, always together. Again there is an emphasis on being focused on each other, more than the task at hand. You goal is to your loved one that you love them.

 If we are not talkers and our loved one is, we need to learn to talk, engage, and express our feelings with them. If we are most comfortable by ourselves doing our own thing, we need to make sure to take the time and spend it with those that we love, especially if they understand love through quality time. Again remember love is a choice and we can choose to communicate love. For our communication to be effective we have to learn the language of those we love.

 Look around you; do some of your loved ones speak the language of “Quality Time”? Have you loved them today?