Genesis 1-3

My Thoughts on:

Genesis 1

  • God is a planner and is very organized.
  • God is creative.
  • He has the power to speak things into existence when there was nothing.
  • He thinks of everything, who else would think to create the day and night, the earth and water, all the verities of plants and animals. He created ways for each of these to continue through out time. Even how to measure time with the seasons. What would we do with out all these things? It all began here.
  • In his creation, God provided for every need that would arise.
  • He does good work the first time.

Genesis 2

  • God rested when his work was done. He took the time to rest instead of jumping into the next project.
  • Man and woman are the only beings with a soul and the ability to choose.
  • He didn’t just create for functionality but beauty and enjoyment.
  • God gave man and woman a job; they weren’t allowed to be lazy. They were there to dress and keep the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 2:15)
  • Besides their job of keeping the Garden, Adam and Eve had 1 commandment from God, their choice to follow this changed the coarse of the world.
  • God made Adam creative; he is the one that came up with all the names for the animals.
  • Marriage between a Man and a Woman was ordained from the beginning. Even before families were ever created, the couple was to leave their parents and be joined together.

Genesis 3

  • The serpent was sneaky.
  • Eve added to the commandment, making the command stricter than God intended. God said to not eat of the tree, she told the serpent that she was not to eat or touch of the tree.
  • The serpent knew enough truth to twist it and make HIS version believable, deceiving the woman.
  • Adam and Eve’s eyes didn’t open when Eve touched the fruit, as she had spoken. God opened their eyes when they ate of the tree as God said. He didn’t make the standards higher just because Eve did.
  • Up until the time that Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they had communion with God. He walked and talked with them in the garden. They could see him and God could see them. When they ate the fruit, they no longer felt comfortable in the presence of God. They hid from God; God didn’t hide from Adam and Eve. We are the ones that separate ourselves from God when we sin.
  • After they first sinned, Adam and Eve began to make excuses for what they did.
  • There was a consequence for disobeying God; they were to endure pain and hard labor, 2 things that were not yet on the earth.
  • God still had compassion on them; he was the one that made clothing for Adam and Eve.
  • Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden so they wouldn’t eat of the Tree of Life after they gained the knowledge of good and evil. Before they ate of the forbidden fruit they only new good. God could not permit those that have knowledge of evil to partake of the Tree of Life and live forever.