Motherhood Should Come With. . .

M iraculous abandon and infectious happiness, fully
O verjoyed and delighted with the beautiful gift of a child, so
T houghtfully knit together in the womb.  Children are a
H eavnenly kiss from God sent to wrap around our hearts
E nrapturing our very souls, so that we
R aise them lovingly and guide them carefully, this new little soul,
H olding their hand through every twist and turn of life, until it’s time to
O pen our hands and let them fly on their own, trusting we’ve done enough.
O h yes, Motherhood Should Come With a strong
D esire to love unconditionally, to give unselfishly, to savor completely and to cherish whole-heartedly, each glorious moment of it all.

Motherhood should come with the knowledge that mistakes will be made and nothing will go perfectly.

All we can do is trust the one who blessed us and give our children our very best every minute of our lives.

Psalms 115:14  The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children.

Trust God for your day, ….Today