Yes I am still reading the Bible in chronological order, but it is among all of my other readings and life.

Job 4-42

My Thoughts:

  • When we are helping those that have gone through a loss or a difficult trial, we need to be considerate and full of compassion. Not condemning them or accusing them of sin and thus are in the trial. We are not to judge the state of someone’s heart or determine why God has chosen to lead them down this path. We are to offer comfort and the hope of God’s grace.
  • It is true that in all this, Job sinned not. But that didn’t mean that he was with out fault. God correct Job for his doubt and his assumption of God’s will. We cannot know the vast mind of God. We just have to trust.
  • When Job realized his position before God, he was quick to acknowledge it and to rectify his thinking to that which would follow God.
  • God is all powerful, he made all, is all, and in all. He was there in the beginning. He spoke the world into existence.
  • When we are going through a trial, let us be careful not to doubt the power, will and plan of the almighty God.