Worst widow Ever!
by Robin on September 14, 2011

God and I, we don’t think alike.

I’m reading in 1 Kings in my quiet time. This morning I got to the part where Elijah has broken the bad news to the idol-worshiping land, that there will be no rain until further notice. Fast forward a bit. Things have gotten really bad with the the lack of rain, so as expected, everyone end up starving.

To take care of Elijah’s needs, God tells him to go to a widow who will supply him with food.

Elijah finds her and I’m guessing he was relieved and maybe a little excited about something to eat.  But here’s the rub. Isn’t there always a ‘rub’?

When Elijah asks the widow  for food she tells him she only has a “hand full of flour and a little oil” left in her jars.


As a matter of fact, she was about to make her son and herself one final little meal and then wait to die.

One final meal and then wait to die???

I would have given her a hug and then asked her if she knew of another widow around here. One with a pantry full of flour and oil. Because obviously either Elijah was talking to the wrong widow…

…or God choose the worst widow ever!

I said that out loud as I was reading.  See what I mean about me and God? We do not think alike.

Of course it wasn’t the widow who would ultimately supply food for Elijah, it was God. That handful of flour and tiny bit of oil…well, turns out it was enough.

Every day as the widow prepared food, the flour and oil was replenished.

Every day she went to the jars and used what was there. It was enough. But just for that day. The next day when they were hungry, she went to the jars, used what was there and once more…it was enough.

Enough for the moment.


I prefer the security of a pantry full of flour and oil. God prefers to provide only what I need for that moment.

(Lord help me remember this…)


Are you feeling vulnerable today,  like God’s plan for taking care of you is the worst plan ever?

Take hope my friends.

He will give you what you need the moment you need it.



Trust God for your day, ….Today