I understood that Jesus is perfectly willing to bless my efforts, but first he had to have efforts to bless. I had to do all in my power to fulfill my obligations. I had to give a full five loaves and two fish— not three loaves, not two loaves. I had to apply all of me to the task and mission I was called to be and do, not haphazardly, but fully, methodically, complete. Jesus was asking for the dedication of my entire self to my vocation.    by Holly Pierlot,

Hebrews 10:11  Furthermore, every [human] priest stands [at his altar of service] ministering daily, offering the same sacrifices over and over again  . . .       Amplified

Our altar of service is routinely the same chores daily over and over, whether at home or on the job, not many of us have new things to do every day. It becomes easy to ‘just to do it’ to get it done, instead of seeing the duties as God given and therefore able to be God blest

Jesus blessed this woman’s criticized efforts making them a memorial for all time.

Mark 14:8-9  She hath done what she could: she is come aforehand to anoint my body to the burying. Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world, this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her.

 Trust God for your day, ….Today