A dear friend commented on yesterday’s e-mail:

Your comment about our service being the same chores daily over and over remind me of the priests in the tabernacle. For their whole lives, by lot, they were assigned administrations to repeat daily over and over. Can you imagine being the guy who had to slit the sacrifice’s throats and drain their blood daily, over and over? Or being the one to burn incense daily, over and over?

For us sisters, our service includes doing the dishes/laundry/cleaning/cooking/errands/diapers/tutoring/gardening/etc daily, over and over. Lord help us to love our service! Help us to keep our eyes on You as You smile at us during our administration. Help us to see our service as You see it – beautiful, sweet smelling, glorifying to God.

Sure, being a king was more exciting. You got to have all the riches and lead your men into battle  We might get tempted to be discontent, to want more glory and excitement. But when the king needed advice on God’s direction, who did he go to? The priests!

Have a blessed day 🙂

She said so perfectly what I was trying to say.

Trust God for your day, ….Today