Some of you are asking these questions sitting in your chair right now.

I need a new idea … I AM.

Who could possibly be smart enough to figure all this out? I AM.

I’m going under. Somebody help me. I AM.

What works? I AM.

What’s the latest thing? I AM.

What’s the hippest thing? I AM.

Nothing’s real anymore. I AM.

Leaders are bailing out. Who’s going to last? I AM.

Well, if we fail, who’s going to reach this generation? I AM.

Students deserve more. I AM.

I’m pouring into others. Who’s pouring into me? I AM.

I’m not sure who’s on my team. I AM.

Nobody’s listening to me. I AM.

I can’t hold it together anymore. I AM.

I can’t. I AM

I quit. I AM

I need a fix. I AM.

I need a drink. I AM.

Who can I trust? I AM.

I have a vision bigger than my resources. How’s it gonna happen? I AM.

I’ve given all I can but it’s never enough. I AM.

Somebody just hold me. I AM.

I AM the Way.
I AM the Truth.
I AM the Life.
I AM the Resurrection and the Life.
I AM the Savior.
I, Jesus said, am the Solution.
I AM the Restorer.
I AM the Builder.
I AM the Answer.
I AM the Wise One.
I AM the Coming One.
I AM the Mighty One.
I AM the Lord and there is no other.
I AM God and there is no one besides me.
I AM the First and the Last.
I AM the Alpha and the Omega.
I AM the Beginning from the End.
I AM who I AM …

— Louie Giglio, National Youth Workers Convention: Pittsburgh, October 2002.


Trust God for your day, ….Today