The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. Psalm 34:15  

                When God says “no” it is not necessarily discipline or rejection. It may simply be redirection. You have pursued His will; you have wanted to do His will. You threw that piece of wood on the fire, and you saw your selfish desires go up in smoke. With all good intentions you said, “By God’s grace I am going to pursue this.” and here you are, thirty or forty years later or maybe only five years later, and it hasn’t worked out . . .
                The thing we have to do in our walk with God is to listen carefully from day to day. Not just go back to some decision and say, “That’s it forever, regardless.” We need to look at it each day, keep it fresh, keep the fire hot, keep it on the back burner, saying, “Lord, is this Your arrangement? Is this Your plan? If it is not, make me sensitive to it. Maybe you’re redirecting my life.”
                God has all kinds of creative ways to use us—ways we can’t even imagine and certainly can’t see up there around the next bend in the road.
                                Charles Swindoll
Waiting to see around the bend…….
Trust God for your day, ….Today