God shall hear. Psalm 55:19

I was standing at a bank counter in Liverpool waiting for a clerk to come. I picked up a pen and began to print on a blotter in large letters two words which had gripped me like a vise: “PRAY THROUGH.”I kept talking to a friend and printing until I had the desk blotter filled from top to bottom with a column. I transacted my business and went away. The next day my friend came to see me, and said  he had a striking story to tell.

A businessman came into the bank soon after we had gone. He had grown discouraged with business troubles. He started to transact some business with the same clerk, over that blotter, when his eye caught the long column of “PRAY THROUGH.” He asked who wrote those words and when he was told exclaimed. “This is the very message I needed. I will pray through. I have tried in my own strength to worry through, and have merely mentioned my troubles to God; now I am going to pray the situation through until I get light.”  Charles M. Alexander. 

Don’t stop praying, but have more trust;
Don’t stop praying! for pray we must;
Faith will banish a mount of care;
Don’t stop praying! God answers prayer, C.M.A.

Trust God for your day, ….Today