The Matron of Honor said,

I’m asking the ladies to write a letter to the bride, can you write one on self worth? You have had a lot of good thoughts on that lately.

To be honest, it threw me. When was I talking about self worth. Then it hit me, I have been working on me, my health, mental and physical. I am far from perfect and I haven’t made the progress I would hope, but every day I get up and plan to be a better me than yesterday. Yes, I sometimes post a lot on Facebook, but that is what comes to me first, I take that lesson first and if I need it, maybe someone else can find a little help in it also. Also, her comment shows that people are watching even when you don’t know it. Be the example.

So back to self worth. A little over a year ago I was playing the audio Bible app in Psalms 139 and it came to this popular scripture and realized that we often look over the middle of the scripture.

We often recall the “I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” we bring this up when babies are born. We put it on their nursery walls. But do we read those words for ourselves as grown women and men? But that isn’t the phrase I want.

Marvellous are thy works

This! Did you know, that you new bride, busy mom, single working woman, empty nester, grandma, are marvellous? This declaration is not dependent on how you feel or what you do or your opinion of worth. Do you believe that God’s works are marvelous? Do you consider yourself a creation of his? Then you are marvellous. And God thinks you are worth it.

Are we worthy of his love and sacrifice? Can we earn it by our works or efforts? No.

But we are worth it, because God’s works are marvellous.

Marvellous means: causing great wonder; extraordinary, extremely good or pleasing; splendid

This is us, all because God created us and HIS WORKS are marvelous.

In our inadequacy we are extraordinary. LIVE LIKE IT.

  • Stop comparing.
  • Stop trying to be like anyone else.
  • Don’t stop dreaming because someone doesn’t have the same vision.
  • Dream big, push for your dream.
  • Stop breaking promises to your self.
  • Be the change you want to see in others.
  • You are worth the effort.
  • You have value. You bring value.

You are marvellous.