And then it hits you… As you are surrounded by people. That thing you thought was committed. That deep desire of your heart that you have prayed and prayed for. That one that was their desire too. The one that they have received and you still wait for.

That one. You know the one I am talking about?

And so you look for a chance to escape because you don’t know how ugly it’s going to get. The hole that is gaping. It feels like the scab has been ripped off and it leaves you gasping for breath. Heaving with sobs. Why? Oh why?

It’s not that you don’t wish they didn’t receive the answer to their prayer. It’s not that you aren’t happy for them. You just can’t understand why you haven’t received your answer. Why you are still waiting.

It is in that moment of gaping heart, of breaking, on the edge of collapse when the still small voice comes to you and whispers,

Remember what I said, I’ve got this. Don’t worry about it.

And you take a couple more shuttering breathes, you blow your nose and wash your face with a cool cloth to gather yourself to face the world.

Because he has never failed to fulfill any promise.

Because his way is perfect.

Because he makes the broken heart whole.

The promise of “don’t worry, I’ve got this” doesn’t say that the desire will be grated. It means that no matter what, there will be grace.

And he promised that his grace would be sufficient.