Have you ever been so excited about a gift you received that you couldn’t keep quite about it? A present that you had to tell everyone about? Maybe one that just kept giving day after day? I received this gift many years ago and I have to tell you about it.

This gift that I speak of has changed my life and is my reason for living; it is called salvation.

Now that is a big word and what exactly does it mean? According to a dictionary salvation is a saving or being saved, a preservation or rescue from destruction. And this is exactly what happened to me. I was saved from self destruction through a life full of sin.

I was born and raised at the Church of God where they preach straight from the Bible about living a holy life free from sin. But while it was good to hear about it and acknowledge that it is possible, my parents and friends experience was not enough for me. I needed to have my own personal relationship with God. Even though I was young and had not gone deep into sin, I knew I still needed God to forgive me. He saved me from destroying my life with sin. As it is explained in Ephesians 2:8 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.” This is the gift I long to tell you about.

But what does it mean to live sin free? Do I have to commit to living in seclusion, take on a “holier than thou” attitude, or constantly have to ask forgiveness for sin that I can’t control? No, we can be human with a normal life and live with out sin. I brush my teeth and drive my car to work just like every one else, only I am alive with in and not just a living breathing human. It is this that I want to demonstrate, how to live a holy life today, not 2000 years ago, not 100 years ago, not even 10 years ago, but today in 2009. God has given me this gift, the gift of his son who paid for my sins on the cross. As I said before, it changed my live and is my reason for living. Because he has done so much for me, I choose every day of my life to serve him by living with out sin. It is not of my own strength, but because it is my greatest desire, God gives me strength to remain holy.

My desire with this blog was not to give myself a name or any recognition, it was to offer encouragement, edification and help to those that read. I don’t want to preach or come off as extremely religious, I just want to share what God has done for me and how he has become the guide of my life. I am an average person with an extraordinary being, God, living within me and because of this, my life is worth living. I still have my trials and hard times but with God I have grace to go through each aspect of life. This daily administration of grace that God gives me is truly a gift, and I truly count my self Gifted Through Grace.

I am not here to preach or offer religion but to share how one can practically use Godly principles to live each and every day. Holiness is a way of life, not something to put on every Sunday.

All scriptures and authority come from God’s Word, King James Version of the Holy Bible. The dictionary I use is an old Webster’s dated 1951. Other than that, most entrees will be an explanation of how God has helped me to live a holy life.

Feel free to ask questions or comment on things mentioned. If there is something about God or the Bible that you have questions about, ask away. I cannot claim to have all the answers, but God does and with his help I will do my best to answer.

Enjoy and be blessed!