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Genesis 16-18

My Thoughts

  • We have to be careful of our attitude when those around us look down upon us for the stand we take or for the inabilities of the flesh. However we can take that stand in a righteous way and not allow that spirit to stay with among us.
  • God once again promises Abram that he will be the father of many nations, but with the specifics that it is through the throne of God.
  • God’s covenant is proclaimed through Abraham. God instructs Abraham to circumcise the men, to set them apart and remind them of the covenant that God has for them.
  • God proclaims his promise through words, changing Abram and Sarai’s names and through the circumcision. These 3 things are testaments of what God has blessed Abraham and Sarah with, being the father and mother of many nations.
  • When Abraham saw the people of the Lord coming to visit, he was quick to be hospitable, taking them in and serving them.
  • Abraham could have faith and believe that God would make him the father of many nations but it was more difficult to believe against the odds of human ability. He trusted God to lead him from a known land to an unknown land, but he and Sarah laughed when they were promised a son.
  • When God gives us a promise, let’s not laugh at its fulfillment or God’s power to see it come to pass. Even when it seams impossible, God is on our side and we know that all things work best through and for him.
  • Is anything to hard for God?
  • Abraham seeks mercy for Lot and his family when they didn’t see or understand the great necessity for escape.
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