The King’s Own Word

The king said, “Go home, and I’ll take care of this for you.” (2 Samuel 14:8).

And the king said unto the woman, Go to thine house, and I will give charge concerning thee. 2 Samuel 14:8 KJV

Once your petition has been set before the King, and He has given you His assurance that it will be handled by Him personally, and in your best interest — well, to linger any longer in earnest angst would be most insulting to His

Yet we do it all the time!

“Lord, when? Lord, why? Lord, how long?” These, and many other hassling questions too often constitute the bulk of our prayer life. Our hearts flood with dark thoughts which spill from our lips in mournful pleas, as we seek His reply to our unanswerable questions. Our hearts have perhaps been broken by the hammer of relentless disappointments, our minds bewildered by unfulfilled hopes, our eyes blurred by tears that never cease — and we hasten to the Lord with our woeful complaints.

And He says, “Go home, and I’ll take care of this for you.”

But we linger in our lamentations, stating our case once again in pitiful details, rehearsing the matter over and over, as though He had not yet heard it. It seems in such moments that we are more in awe of our sorrows than we are of our Savior.

Oh, hear the Lord’s word to you today — “Go home,” the Lord says, “and I’ll take care of this for you.” James Ryle  edited

Trust God for your day, ….Today