I have on my desk a little book entitled The Art of Thank You,  Crafting Notes of Gratitude. I bought the book some time ago. I am not good at thank you notes and thought this might be an inspiration to me. These thoughts caught my eye.   Edited by me.

“Writing thank-you notes can also help us experience a sense of gratitude in our every day lives.  Oscar Wilde wrote:  I used to think gratitude a heavy burden for one to carry. Now I know that it is something that makes  the heart lighter. The ungrateful man seems to me to be one  who walks with feet and heart of lead. But when one has learnt,  however inadequately, what a lovely thing gratitude is, one’s feet go lightly over sand or sea  and one finds a strange joy revealed to one, the joy of counting u, not what one possesses,  but what one owes. I hoard my debts now in the treasury of  my heart, and piece of gold by piece of gold, I range then in order at dawn and at evening. So you must not mind my saying that I am grateful to you. It is simply one of certain new pleasures that I have discovered.

As Wilde realized, being grateful can make you aware of your blessings and thankful for them

‘Without a thank-you the cycle of giving is incomplete. something  pleasurable –but also something fundamental—is lost when expedience is chosen over form.’ Catherine Calvert,  “

Above all I want ever to be thankful to my heavenly Father.
. . .  nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God,
who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;    1Timothy 6:17 

Trust god for your day….Today