I will go before thee and unwind the snarls.  Isaiah 45:2, Free trans.
I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: Isaiah 45:2  KJV 

                How tangled some of our problems do become as the days pass and no way appears by which the matter can be straightened out! Perhaps we have been keeping the problems too much in our own hands. No wonder, then, we cannot find the beginning or the end of the line, or how to loosen the knotted strand in just the right places. A young man writing to his father about a personal problem says:”Once again, just yesterday, I have put the whole matter in the Lord’s hands, and asked Him to guide me about it all. I often think of how I’s get my fishing line all tangled up. The more I pulled the worse it got. Finally I’d hand the whole thing over to you, and you’d smooth it all out. So I generally do that with my problems now; and I’m trying to learn not to pull at the line much, before I give it to Him.” Have you been pulling at the line in that problem that troubles you today? Just hand it over to your heavenly Father, and see how swiftly and lovingly He will untangle the crisscross and knotty impossibility that has troubled you so!  Sunday School Times

With thoughtless and
Impatient hands
We tangle up
The plans
The Lord hath wrought.

 And when we cry
In pain, He saith,
“Be quiet, dear,
While I untie the knot.”


What is impossible with you is perfectly possible with Him who is Almighty!

Trust God for your day …Today