Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.
                 Proverbs 5:18 


Today is our anniversary, 43 years. ago on Friday evening in my parent’s front yard, we tied the knot. Over the years the ends of that string have become frayed, the knot looks like its been through some battles and storms, but the knot still holds. Lately I read that we were good at pretending we were happy, and yes, I’ll admit I and life and situations haven’t always been ‘happy.. Today I can, from the bottom of my heart, say that I am content. All my needs are supplied, I have very few wants, yes I am content.

The Things You Never Do

 Thank you for the things
You never do;
You never embarrass me
With crude, uncouth remarks
You never criticize me
In the presence of others
You never downgrade
My personal achievements.
You never compete with me
You never compare me unfavorably
With other wives
You  never make me feel
Unnecessary or unneeded.
You never hide behind a newspaper
While we’re eating together
You never refuse to hear me out
In a controversial discussion.
You never remind me of past mistakes
You never rule with an iron rod
You never treat my parents unkindly.
You never degrade me
You never betray me
You never deluge me with
You never go to sleep
Without kissing me good night.

Thank you, My Husband.

 Trust God for your day…Today